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  • I'm /di╦Én/ like in James Dean ;)

  • Experience

    I help businesses thrive through secure and efficient IT environments. With over 15 years of experience, I combine technical expertise and business understanding to:

    - Solve complex IT security challenges with a strategic view, ensuring solutions align perfectly with business goals. My experience with ISMS and ISO27001 guarantees a robust security posture;
    - Drive innovation and efficiency in IT operations;
    - Deliver successful projects on time and within budget.

    Communication is key. I excel at connecting technical and non-technical stakeholders, ensuring everyone speaks the same language while I stay ahead of the curve with certifications like NIS 2 Directive, guaranteeing I understand evolving security threats.

    Ultimately, I bridge the gap between business and IT, making security an enabler for success, not a roadblock.

  • Interests

    IT, InfoSec, Data Privacy


    Macedonian Mother tongue, English Full professional proficiency, German Limited working proficiency


    Music - guitar playing, Running, Hiking, SUP

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